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EduTrainer Do-it-yourself on-the-web training system for your employees’ continuing education classes

Easily upload your in-house classes to the web and create your tests by filling in
 the blanks. Employees can then take courses from any computer,
anywhere, for an unbelievably low cost.

Talk about a time and cost saver!
Eliminate most in-house and live classes

Unlimited courses, unlimited employees, and unlimited hits with no usage up-charges.
Compare that to Health Stream.

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EduTracker Complete Hospital Education Tracking, Reporting, and Management System for 25+ years.

Meets JCAHO, OSHA, and the many agency requirements for employee tracking and reporting easily and quickly. Hundreds of easy-to-use reports requiring no technical or programming experience of any kind.

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Record and track classes taken at other facilities for your employees’ continuing education requirements and annual safety day requirements, track staff meetings, shots & immunizations, orientations, licenses, and much more.

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We give live one-on-one, no pressure, web demos of all our products most any West Coast business hours. Ask all the questions you like, and view EduTrainer and EduTracker in action. You’ll be amazed.

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