Tracker/Trainer - Create Online Courses for Employees

1. Build your Content

Using - MS Word - Desktop Publisher - Power Point


2. Create a Course

Using Screen Recorder for narration & sound


3. Create your quiz

In EduTracker by filling in the blanks


4. Post on inter/intranet

Employees can take course & print a certificate, data is posted to EduTracker for reporting




Overview – Tracker/Trainer is a web-based training system that allows you to easily place your own courses, classes, and tests on your own web-site for your employees to access from any computer. Wow! Replace most of my live on-site classes and instructors? Yes and you can also place Tracker/Trainer on your local intranet so they can go to the computer lab to take the courses. All this for one flat-rate annual fee with no limits to the amount of users or courses they access. When they have successfully completed a course and test, the results are automatically posted in the EduTracker database for future reporting and tracking. See our Features page.

Creating the Course Material – very easy. Use your favorite word processor, desktop publisher, Power Point, etc. Add pictures and diagrams to your content to make it more interesting.  Click to find out How it’s Done.

Add Sound and Narration – by playing your content on your screen and using one of the many Screen Recorders available, and doing the narration as you go through your presentation.  Search the web for Screen Recorders.

Build the Test(s) – as the administrator, go into Tracker/Trainer, select the course you just created and select “build test” A test creation screen will pop up. Enter questions. either T/F or as many multiple choice as you like. Mark the correct answer. Enter the passing score. Build as many tests as you like for each course, so they won’t get the same test for re-takes.
Click to find out How it’s Done.

Employees Log On – they go to your web-site and select Tracker/Trainer. A logon screen comes up requiring their name and Id# exactly as it is in the database. When allowed in, they choose a course, read the content, and then take the test. At the end it will score and pass or fail them. If they pass, it will issue a passing receipt; if they failed, it will so state. They can take the course again receiving a different test. Upon completion this data is recorded in EduTracker to allow you to do all the tracking, reporting, and management EduTracker is famous for.  See our Features page.

Minimize your Training Costs – most web-based training systems are very expensive to the tune of tens-of-thousands annually plus usage fees. Tracker/Trainer charges a very reasonable annual user’s fee with no up-charges of any kind that amounts to less than one instructor’s weekly salary.  Contact us for Pricing!

Tracker/Trainer + EduTracker – goes further than on-line training systems as they only report on the courses they offer. There is much more to education and training than just tracking the on-line courses. EduTracker fills this gap in that you can also track your live classes, meetings, employees’ health shots, etc.
See our Features page.

Tracker/Trainer for Other Industries – we are in the process of developing a stand-alone version to satisfy the multitude of other types of facilities that have requested and could use the same type web-based system. Contact us for more information.


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