FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How long has EduTracker been available?
A. Conceived & developed in 1987.

Q. How hard is EduTracker to learn and use?
A. It is intuitively easy with a complete User’s Manual.

Q. Is there any support furnished with EduTracker?
A. User and Tech phone support Mon. - Fri. 7- 4 PST

Q. Updates and Enhancements?
A. We continuously upgrade to meet the ever changing requirements.
They are published for download on this web site for paid up users.

Q. What about Training?
A. Web training videos are viewable on this web site.

Q. Any special hardware or equipment requirements?
A. No, most any current Personal Computer will suffice.

Q. How many computers can it be installed on?
A. As many computers as your server can handle.

Q. How many records/employees can it handle?
A. There really is no limit. Up to 2 billion records.

Q. What happens if EduTracker won’t work?
A. Since 1987 we have never had one system that didn’t
perform as we advertise and state it will. We have many
customers that have been with us 20+ years.

Q. How many user’s have used EduTracker?
A. Many hundreds have purchased or leased it.

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