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EduTrainer was originally conceived in 2011 for our EduTracker Users. We have had so many requests from many non-EduTracker Users for the EduTrainer System as a generic stand-alone application that we released this version in 2012.

EduTracker was conceived in 1987 when Nori, our current Director of Accounting, went to work for a hospital as an administrative assistant in the education department. Her first job was to register 500 people into a class alphabetically on a typewriter. She came home in tears asking me to create a database.

Having nearly 5000 employees to track she quickly realized that using a typewriter and 4x6 cards was not going to work. After coming home every night with a new request we figured it was time to develop a solution, thus The Education Tracker was conceived.

After completing the first version, non-user friendly, other hospitals in the area found out about it and wanted a copy. We did a mailing to 100 Northern California hospitals to see if there was an interest. Within two weeks we received forty positive responses. We went to work writing a user-friendly version.

EduTracker was developed with all the reports and tracking abilities needed to achieve the results required.

Facilities liked EduTracker because it answered the needs of a hospital staff education and training department, was easy to use, inexpensive, and was designed by a user instead of a technical person. Now some 20+years later we are still supplying the same types of solutions for today’s modern high technology problems. Many of our hundreds of users have been with us for ten to 15 years and wouldn’t be without EduTracker.

EduTracker has grown through the years through our user’s input to meet the ever changing requirements of the many agencies. Many years ago our focus went from solely tracking and reporting to a total management system for Education and Training Departments. After many requests to design a web-based training module we have finally given in and met this need also. See the Tracker/Training Page.

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