EduTracker Features

Individual’s Profile shows classes, CE’s/hours, pass/fail, for any period
Certificate Printing certified and attendance only by class, fancy & fast
License Expiration those expired or who will for current or future dates
Instructor’s Recap all classes, # attended, failed, income for any period
Attendance Sheets sign-in or in-service sheets for pre-registered classes
Dept. Manager’s employees classes, CE’s, pass/fail, by any class type
Year to Date Classes number attend, #passed, income generated for budgeting
Class Statistics income, attendance, hours, #passed, by job classification
Non-attendance reports those that don’t attend special required classes
Mandatories & Skills non-compliance report based on individual’s due dates
Competencies & Skills report by department, job classification, and date period
% of Compliance facility’s compliance % by department & classification
No-Show Listing 25% or more never show up to pre-registered classes
Class Statistics hours, pass/fail, profit & loss by classification and class type
Subsidies for Classes $$ amount reimbursed for approved outside classes taken
Print CPR Cards prints directly on AHA CPR cards for passed in CPR classes
CPR Expired Cards who has or will expire for any or all types of CPR cards
CPR Statistics semi-annual training site report for bi-annual reporting period
Orientation No-show shows your new-hires that slipped through the cracks
CME Lecture Profiles lectures, hours, and units for physician attendees by type
Mail-merge Notices send confirmation letters, invitations, and keep and re-use
Labels and envelopes 3-up labels for class attendees, send to their home or dept.
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