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I already have a learning management system? Why use EduTrainer? Our users realize that they can create classes that directly pertain to their facility.

How can EduTrainer help me?

With the existing increase in operating expenses, EduTrainer was requested by many of our current EduTracker users to cut costs and staffing requirements.

Our users requested a very easy-to-use cost effective way of placing their current training courses on-line so they could do away with many of their live on-site courses and still meet the requirements of the many governing agencies such as OSHA, JCAHO etc. It had to be very inexpensive, easy to use, and super intuitive.

Place your courses On-the-Web

  • By uploading your courses, easily and quickly on-line, you can totally eliminate many of your in-house classes saving time, energy,
    and expenses.  Learn how

Create your Tests and Quizzes

  • True/False or Multiple Choice very easily by filling in the blanks. Check it out

Employees take the Courses

  • From any computer, Anywhere!
  • They log into EduTrainer from your Web-Site
  • Using their name & ID#   Take a tour


That’s all there is to it. Simple, Fast, and Inexpensive!

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