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Placing your own courses/classes on-the-web in EduTrainer for your employees to access and take from any computer anywhere, is a very simple process that requires three easy steps.

Setup the Course in EduTrainer
Create and upload the course content
Create the tests


1. Setting up the course in EduTrainer.

  • Log into EduTrainer as an administrator with your name and assigned Id#
  • Select Manage Classes from the Administrator’s Menu
  • Fill in the following form

2. Create and upload the coarse Content.

  • This will be what the employee studies when they login to EduTrainer. This can be built in Word, Power Point, Publisher, or a Streaming Video. This simple example was created in publisher.

3. Create the Tests.

  • Creating the tests/quiz is an easy process of filling in the blanks for T/F or Multiple Choice of questions which is covered in “How do I create Tests & Exams. View Now

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