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We have found that most facilities are being pinched by high costs for both employment & material goods. With EduTrainer, you will be able to reduce both of these by placing your classes on-the-web and eliminating many live instructors and classes.  Plus make your job less stressful and complicated.

If you are using one of the commercial training companies such as Health Stream. you probably realize there many courses that they do not offer such as your annual review and safety day. That’s where EduTrainer shines making it easier for your staff & employees by allowing you to easily and inexpensively place your own classes on line .

You most likely already have these courses all made up from your in house classes. All you have to do is put them in a Word, Power Point,
Screen Saver with sound, or Publisher file, and upload them to the web, create the tests, and allow your employees to take the courses on any
computer anywhere by going to your website and clicking the Trainer icon. Can you see the time, cost, and energy saved?

It’s easier and less expensive than you could ever think. By using EduTrainer, you can recognize the value of being able to do all the management tasks required of you easier and more efficiently .

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