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EduTrainer produces many reports necessary to keep track of your employees education and training for JCAHO, OSHA, your facility or if you are a non Healthcare Company, and all many other agencies requiring them.

All reports are menu driven allowing you to select what data you want to show without doing any fancy programming. You can run the reports by selecting which classes, individuals, departments, and job classifications you wish to see on the report.

The Administrator’s menu below shows the currently available reports and lists available. Please note, we are constantly adding to and modifying our reports as the requirements change. Administrator’s Report

Administrator’s Report Menu

1.  Shows % of class attendance based on # employees at time of report.
2.  Report on evaluations employees posted for any class.
3.  Shows how many employees accessed classes in EduTrainer.
4.  List the classes you have available on the web for your employees.
5.  Shows how many attended/passed/failed & dates of classes taken.
6.  Gives you a count of employees by department in EduTrainer.
7.  A list of department’s names you have used in EduTrainer.
8.  Lists all classes taken by employee for a requested date period.
9.  List all classes taken by selected employee including CE’s, etc.
10. Lists the job classifications you have assigned to employees
11. Reports employees out of compliance for their mandatory classes.
12. Shows pass/fails on selected classes by date by employee.

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