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Is there any doubt? Of course we do. We are the only company that interfaces a web-based training application with a pc-based Tracking and Management system supporting hospitals for 25+ years. Health Stream, Learning Harbor, and e-learning doesn’t.

What this does is allow you to keep all your training, CPR, employees’ shot records, in one spot for tracking & reporting.

Here’s how it works:

Employees can take your EduTrainer Courses on-the-web and the results are downloaded into EduTracker. EduTracker will include all this info, plus classes taken at other facilities in any report that EduTracker produces showing non compliance status.

There are also many classes that your employees take at other facilities that must be included in JCAHO reporting. Whalla!

Yes! EduTracker
will interface


All your web-based EduTrainer courses will download into
EduTracker for complete Reporting and Tracking.


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