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1. Build your Content

Use your favorite - Word - Desktop Publisher - Power Point


2. Create a Course

Using Screen Recorder for narration & sound


3. Create your quiz

In EduTracker by filling in the blanks


4. Post on inter-intranet

Employees can take course & print a certificate, data is posted to EduTracker for reporting


Track and report live classes, meetings, and employee health





EduTracker Features & Reporting   

Introductory Pricing Unlimited Courses & Employees  - One price

Employee’s Profile ------------

Certificate Printing ------------

License Expirations -----------

Instructor’s Recap -------------

Attendance Sheets ------------

Department Mgrs’ -------------

Print CPR Cards ----------------

CPR Cards Expired ------------

CPR Statistics -------------------

Orientation No-show ----------

Group Registration ------------

CME Profiles ---------------------

Shows Classes & Ce’s

Certified & Attendance

They that have & will

Stats. of classes taught

From class registration

Reports all employees

Directly on AHA Cards

Who has or will expire

Data for AHA’s Site Rpt.

New hires not oriented

Copies groups in to class

Physician Lectures, units

  Year-to-date Classes ----------

Class Statistics ------------------

Non-Attendance -----------------

Mandatories & CPR ------------

% of Compliance ----------------

No Show Listing -----------------

Mail Merge Notices -------------

Labels & Envelopes ------------

Employee Updates -------------

Room Scheduler ----------------

Staff Self Register --------------

Much, Much More --------------

Statistics for budgeting

By each class or groups

Shows who didn’t attend

Non-compliance, expired

By dept. & job description

Registered but didn’t show

Confirmation letters, etc.

Auto 3-up by class, etc.

Automatic from Personnel

No more double booking

On-line by computer

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